Hands On Atlanta Schools-Based AmeriCorps Position Description

As a Hands On Atlanta Schools-Based AmeriCorps member, you will be given the opportunity to serve in elementary, middle, and high schools helping students improve their academic performance by closing the achievement gap.  You and your fellow team members will support the public school system and individual students by engaging families, teachers, community members and corporations in the educational process.  In general, AmeriCorps member responsibilities include: tutoring and mentoring, program documentation, upholding program standards, volunteer recruitment, assisting with training volunteers, service project development, special events planning, and participation in leadership development trainings.

Hands On Atlanta Schools-Based AmeriCorps members are challenged to fully participate in a cohesive, diverse, task-oriented team focused on school-based programming, service project implementation and general leadership development. Members will be committed to community service, supporting the public school system and the individual student by engaging families, teachers, community members and corporations in education. Some ways in which you will do this include:

Schools-Based Program Development

AmeriCorps members will assist in the development of all aspects of daily service at their school. These responsibilities include establishing a daily routine, developing and implementing creative and exciting activities for after-school and Saturday programs, and providing individual tutoring and mentoring for students.

Program Training

AmeriCorps members will participate fully in leadership development, service-learning integration, project development, diversity and literacy training. Members will spend the first two weeks of their service year in pre-service orientation at Hands On Atlanta. During pre-service orientation, members will receive skills training essential to understanding: child development, school environments, parent engagement, diversity, curricula and intervention models, key stakeholder collaboration, Common Core standards, and tutoring/instructional techniques.

Volunteer Management

AmeriCorps members will assist in the recruitment, retention and recognition of community volunteers who serve at various Hands On Atlanta and placement site projects, including the Discovery Program.  In the Discovery Program, volunteers provide Saturday tutoring and enrichment programs to elementary schools throughout Greater Atlanta. Members will help plan bi-monthly Discovery sessions, recruit volunteers to deliver programming, and support volunteers in completion of assigned tasks during their service time.  In addition, members will assist in maintaining a welcoming atmosphere and positive relationship between volunteers, school staff, students and Hands On Atlanta.

Special Events and Projects

AmeriCorps members will plan school-based special events and service projects such as: parents, friends and family night, AmeriCorps graduation, corporate sponsor days, Hands On Atlanta Day, etc. Members will assist with logistics, Hands On Atlanta site information, resources and soliciting in-kind donations. Members will also assist in engaging special visitors to the program and participate in visits to other AmeriCorps programs. Members will be expected to assume other organizational duties, roles and responsibilities as assigned when circumstances warrant. Each member will also develop and implement at least one individual service project during his/her term of service.


· A monthly living allowance of $1,210

· Basic health and dental insurance

· Childcare subsidy, if eligible

· Loan forbearance for federal student loans

· Segal Education Award of $5,550 upon successful completion of service requirements


To participate in this program, State and Federal background checks are required. For a list of offenses that may disqualify you from service, please click here.


Applications for the 2017-2018 program begin April 15, 2017.
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